Gourmet Chocolate

I’ve always been the type to rush headlong into things. I used to think of it as spontaneity, and while that is a good thing, I’ve finally come to learn jumping right into things isn’t always smart. Not if they’re life changing decisions, at any rate. Certain things should be given time, pondered patiently, and carefully considered. How many times have you heard someone say they’re an excellent judge of character? I’ve heard it countless times. I thought I was, but I’m not. I suck at it, in fact. There are a few friends that I hold near and dear and liked them from the start, but there are more that I trusted right away, just KNEW they were as awesome as I thought they were, and then I got burned. One thing I am not is a moron. I’ve learned my lessons and won’t rush into important things again.

It’s like if you have a Hershey’s Kiss. It’s so pretty and sparkly on the outside with its tinfoil wrapper. You unwrap it and pop it into your mouth, enjoying that subtle snap as you bite into it. Your mouth is flooded with sweetness and chemical connections are made in your brain that remind you of all the happy things you’ve ever experienced. Certainly not a bad time, but then it’s gone and you’re left with nothing but a sticky residue. You could get another Kiss from the bag, but every single one is exactly like the one you just had. And boredom and disappointment set in and you don’t even want them anymore. You want something different. Something… Special.

One day you’re offered a piece of chocolate out of a nearly empty box. On first glance, the chocolate is pretty, but when you take it out and examine it a little more closely, you can see from small imperfections that this piece was hand-crafted. The outside is beautifully glossy, with a perfect drizzle and swirl, and it appeals to you on a deeper level than a shiny wrapper. You smell it, drawing in subleties like bright citrus, soft vanilla, and just enough sweetness to balance the sharper smell of perfectly roasted cacao beans. The scent alone is enough to make you happy, but you know there’s even more.

Slowly, you slip the morsel into your mouth, eyes closed. You don’t bite this kind of chocolate. You savor it, a hint of the flavor to come all that’s given to you as the colder candy meets the heat of your mouth. The chocolate begins to melt and a slow awakening begins. Suddenly, taste buds explode in places you didn’t even know you had taste buds! Nearly breathless with the overwhelming sensations, you lie behind your closed eyes, visions of the tropics flashing through the darkness, and wait for the rest.

Most of the silken chocolate shell has melted away, and you discover it was filled with the richest, butteriest, smoothest caramel you’ve ever had in your whole life. Your brain almost doesn’t know what to make of the change in flavors and textures. You thought the chocolate itself was going to be the best part, but you were wrong. In a state very near sensory overload, the caramel melts, slowly enveloping your mouth in a sweet embrace. You are amazed. Utterly and completely amazed. You open your eyes slowly, letting the world back in through half-shuttered windows. This. This is what you had been searching for and you are satisfied.


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  2. CarolinaDreamz
    Dec 03, 2010 @ 10:59:25

    Kind of makes it easy to skip the kisses now, eh? I also skip the Bliss, its not Blissful to me. Reg choc has to be dove to impress me or something rich and organic and costs a fortune.

    Love the way you write. I know all those feelings..


    • Wendy
      Dec 03, 2010 @ 11:17:39

      It does make it easy. lol. Bliss just seems boring to me, but I do love Dove. And thanks. 🙂 It feels good to be writing again!


  3. Billy
    Dec 03, 2010 @ 11:10:55

    I enjoyed reading it. Keep it coming!


  4. Karl
    Dec 03, 2010 @ 11:23:44

    Your analogies make me hungry.


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